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Quick evaluation of investments – profit comparison

In an earlier article we analysed how to prepare investment decisions quickly and efficiently. We clarified the most important principles and separated the investment calculations into a static and a dynamic group. With the static methods we can examine costs,...

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Applying the 183-day rule

An increasing number of Hungarian companies are affected by tax issues related to postings. Almost every large business has already had, or currently has, foreign private individuals working with them for varying lengths of time, and many have posted their employees...

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New law on tax procedures

The Ministry for National Economy published the draft of the new law on tax procedures on 31 July, which will take effect on 1 January 2018. The new laws (new Act on Rules of Taxation and the completely new Act on Tax Administration Rules) bring changes to taxation in...

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The European Unique Identifier (EUID)

The European Unique Identifier (EUID) enables the identification of companies and their branches in other Member States in the Business Registers Interconnection System (hereinafter referred to as: BRIS). What is the BRIS? Based on Directive 2012/17/EU of the European...

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Key areas of a financial due diligence – Part 2

In the first part of my article on the important areas of a financial due diligence I analysed four areas which have to be examined and analysed in detail to conduct a financial due diligence. What is common to the additional areas discussed below is that while a...

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Change in rules on registered office services

The changes of the Act on Rules of Taxation that entered into force on 1 January 2017 raised several issues in respect of registered office services. The amendments made during the spring clarify the definition of providers of registered office services, and require...

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Legal remedies in tax administration

Even if you handle your tax issues with the utmost care and use the tools provided by law (e.g. self-revision, cooperative procedure) you can still encounter legal disputes in relation to NAV procedures. However, taxpayers are not defenceless against adverse...

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Business gate – what you need to know

Modelled on the government portal, the so-called business gate has now been created. Affected companies have until 30 August 2017 to register their official contact details for online communication, but there is a grace period until the end of 2017. But what is the...

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TP policy

You can always find a lot of relevant information in the history of transactions between related parties. If we know there will probably be related-party transactions, we need to think about pricing in advance. This briefly sums up the content and essence of our...

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BEPS = ATAD + NAV – LOL? letters against tax fraud

This title is unusual and out-of-the-box, but it is not intended to be a puzzle; it does make sense and we will reveal the answer at the end of the article. Each profession has its own unique language, which is difficult for an outsider to understand. NAV, ÁFA (VAT),...

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Why is outsourcing payroll useful?

Payroll is an increasingly complex process, which is just as indispensable for business administration at companies as bookkeeping, tax consulting or audit. Company owners and managers typically decide on outsourcing payroll for the following reasons Cost cutting In...

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