Accounting services

Comprehensive accounting services include the following activities:

  • recording of accounting documents
  • preparation of bookkeeping postings
  • issuance of outgoing invoices
  • forwarding of online account data (online invoicing)
  • administration related to payment reminders
  • preparation of bank transfers
  • recording of cost centres, design of multi-tier analysis systems
  • preparation of period closes and interim reports
  • preparation of tax returns
  • data transfer services and reporting
  • support of administration
  • preparation and publishing of reports
  • audit support
  • preparation and submission of annual tax returns

For accounting services we prefer to forward and store documents electronically. Bearing the requirements of digitalisation in mind, we constantly strive to develop modern solutions to make work ever more efficient and to provide data as quickly as possible. We keep abreast of technical developments and are open-minded to new solutions, which we elaborate relying on the potential of programmes used by us and by our clients. At the same time we lay emphasis on quality work, which we strive to provide with the consistency and professional expertise of our staff. Thanks to our experience we believe we can contribute to optimising processes that will serve the interests of our clients in the long run.

As per the needs of our clients, we are ready to provide accounting services at the headquarter of our clients. We have highly qualified colleagues on standby to carry out checks and provide advice where necessary, complementing the internal accounting; this means we can offer a high standard of support for the internal staff at our clients.

The accounting services provided by WTS Klient Hungary are available for financial enterprises as well. Relying on our experience and based on our clients’ requirements we design their bookkeeping system and support the automation of data transfer processes between sub-ledger programmes and the general ledger accounting where possible.

In addition to the accounting software we employ (BMD Rendszerház), we are ready to use our clients’ own applications as well. Among others we have experience working with Dimenzió, SAP, Navision and Apollo. Our IT system supports remote desktop access.

If needed we can carry out the tasks related to converting bookkeeping currencies, and we can also keep accounting records in currencies other than the forint. We perform our work in a system that conforms to the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, providing substantial support in drawing up the right operating procedures. We pay particular attention to treating data confidentially and in line with the law, and our staff regularly receive information and training on this.

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