Social security administration

Social security administration can be grouped into two categories: tasks required for headcounts of over 100 employees, and those for headcounts of less than 100 employees.

Establishing a paying agency 

Within the social security system, employers are required to establish a paying agency if their headcount exceeds 100 employees for six consecutive months, pursuant to the rules defined in the law and the government decree. In such scenarios, the company is responsible for making decisions and doing the payroll for cash disbursements related to sick leave, maternity leave and workplace accidents, and for paying these benefits together with wages. Employers with a paying agency perform social security administration tasks at their own expense with specially qualified staff; they are responsible for assessing claims in accordance with the law, and for the paid benefits as well.

Less administration 

This is what we can help you with, allowing you to reduce your company’s administrative burden stemming from social security-related tasks.  Our qualified team provides the backbone of the support. As a fundamental prerequisite, all of our staff members have the specific qualification needed to perform social security-related activities. According to legal requirements, the person performing the payroll, the inspector and the person initiating the payment of the benefits cannot be the same employee. The up-to-date and comprehensive expertise of our staff guarantees the legal compliance of the paying agency functions whilst also offering you the most cost-effective solutions. We appoint social security administrators to fulfil these activities in-house at individual employers.

Specific tasks of social security administration: 
  • the assessment, disbursement and accounting for health insurance cash benefit claims
  • the assessment and timely payment of accident-related sick pay claims by the statutory deadlines
  • the assessment of workplace accidents and occupational diseases, the settlement of cash benefits and accident-related sick pay with the National Health Insurance Fund
  • completing payment reporting and statistics
  • calculating and accounting sick pay contributions
  • keeping records of benefits paid
  • collecting the data necessary for granting and disbursing benefits
  • reporting such data to other bodies (defined in data protection regulations)
  • collecting and reporting statistical data and issuing decisions
Direct link to Health Insurance Fund 

For employers with a headcount of over 100 employees, social security administration is performed electronically and directly with the Health Insurance Fund by our experienced and specially qualified payroll colleagues.

We always apply connected rules in view of their correlations, and after interpreting the legislation we transpose them into payroll practices. We use the NexonBér payroll programme, which is a software that is regularly maintained and continuously updated. Our staff have extensive practice in using this system, and regularly take part in both professional and technical further training.

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