Tax planning and consulting based on international and Hungarian standards

The majority of our clients have international backgrounds, with several foreign-registered companies among their shareholders and affiliates. Cross-border relations require knowledge of international taxation, and, if necessary, the involvement of foreign colleagues. This makes it easier to eliminate risks when setting up tax-efficient structures or in the case of new transactions or investments.

Tax planning with due consideration of tax treaties

Hungarian rules and regulations often differ from foreign tax settings, while the rapid changes in international legislation as well as the diverse Hungarian treaties on double taxation mean that tax reviews should not be ignored prior to large-volume transactions. These reviews enable us to identify any tax payment liabilities that were missed, thereby reducing the risk of a tax penalty and interest. The same reviews mean we can determine an optimal structure for tax payments, one that also takes into account the trends countering aggressive tax planning.

Complex international taxation background

It is not just foreign and Hungarian tax laws that can be complicated. The same applies for the transactions in question and the industries involved. The pace of change is picking up in every area, and keeping abreast of these changes requires a team of tax specialists who are prepared as well as well-versed in both international taxation and international structures. During tax planning, our team tailors its practical advice and answers to your specific requirements. The people in our tax department have experience working at international tax consulting companies, at corporate enterprises on the client side, and also at the tax authority.

Key services:
  • tax planning and help in designing structures to reduce group-level taxation, with due consideration of bilateral tax treaties as well as the specific provisions of Hungarian tax legislation
  • tax consulting during the establishment of subsidiaries and branches, assistance with taking the first steps in Hungary to ensure tax burdens are optimised and in line with the law
  • consulting regarding the set-up of permanent establishments and full-scale administration for permanent establishments, with due consideration of the latest changes in international taxation
  • tax reviews of special cross-border transactions for all taxes, paying attention to transfer pricing issues and the tax implications of workers moving within the group
  • tax consulting, including the special Hungarian rules targeting optimal tax burdens (holding structures, reported shares)

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