Interim management

Interim management is a service whereby our professionals are made temporarily available for management tasks.

As part of this service, your company gains access to expertise that is needed on a temporary basis because of a key vacant position or because it is at a certain stage of its lifecycle.

  • Businesses frequently find themselves in unexpected situations where it is worthwhile considering employing an interim manager on a temporary basis to cover for a very experienced middle or senior executive in an important position, until their permanent replacement is chosen and becomes available.
  • A start-up company cannot always afford to employ a finance manager or controller on a full-time basis, and so this service can provide an ideal solution to make up for the temporary lack of this vital expertise.
  • An independent, highly experienced professional with a fresh approach can offer efficient assistance in managing crisis situations at companies as well.
  • We can also be a cost-effective solution for the financial management of short-term projects.
  • Preparing companies for bringing in investors is a task that requires great awareness and insight, and our professionals can help here too.
  • Specialists can be used for management tasks in the period after acquisitions as well.
Benefits of our interim management service

Our experts have considerable experience in company management, financial planning and management, the wide range of accounting tasks, reporting and corporate taxation. This knowledge was gathered in a broad spectrum of market segments, and so they command market know-how from traditional industries through to the most dynamically developing sectors. Our interim management service has the advantage that you can quickly access the flexible and professional assistance of our colleagues. Our professionals swiftly adapt to the given circumstances, and effectively manage the teams entrusted to them bearing the set objectives in mind.

With the support of our trained and experienced staff we can help our clients bridge temporary periods with the following positions:

  • managing director, company manager
  • finance manager
  • chief accountant
  • controller
  • internal auditor

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