France’s largest business law firm joins WTS Global

Fidal, a member of WTS Global from January 2021

France’s largest business law firm joins WTS Global

In January 2021, the French business law firm Fidal joined WTS Global as the newest member of the leading global tax practice.

Founded originally as a tax firm in 1922, Fidal today is the largest business law firm in France with tax being its core discipline, and it has more than 1,300 lawyers and consultants. Headquartered in Paris, the firm is represented in more than 90 cities across the country and is widely recognised as a trusted advisor to French-based companies across all sectors and of all sizes.

Fidal assists its clients in all areas of business law and provides the full scope of services in tax consulting and tax compliance, including international corporate tax, transfer pricing, indirect tax, local taxes, R&D tax credit, tax technology, global expatriate services as well as tax litigation.

“We are delighted to welcome Fidal to our WTS Global community. This is a milestone and the beginning of a new era. With France being the second largest economy in Europe, and in the top ten in the world, Fidal joining will no doubt have a great impact on our inbound and outbound business, be it in Europe, the Americas, Africa or Asia”, commented Wim Wuyts, CEO of WTS Global, on the new win.

By joining, Fidal became the largest member firm of WTS Global after WTS Germany.

For more information about the new alliance between Fidal and WTS Global, please contact the experts of WTS Global. If you are interested in something specific, they would be more than happy to introduce you directly to the new member firm and connect you with the respective partners.

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