WTS Klient Minutes – Videos


In 2017, we launched a new video feature entitled WTS Klient Minutes. The column introduces you every quarter to the strategic, taxation, legal and accounting issues of a topic in a four-part video series.

In the first series, we focused on the IFRS-transition, and in the second series on the transition of the bookkeeping to a foreign currency. Our videos published in autumn 2017 highlighted the questions of employment of foreigners in Hungary. Our latest, winter series deals with the comprehensive tax inspection from a strategic, taxation, legal and accounting point of view.

You can watch our videos with English subtitles as well. All you have to do is switch on the subtitle function by clicking on „settings” in the right-hand corner of the video.

Comprehensive tax inspection  – 2017 winter
Employment of foreigners in Hungary – 2017 autumn
Changing to a foreign currency – 2017 summer