IT / Business Automation

Our experience nowadays shows that the main priority of developments planned by company managers lies in IT and Business Automation. The rapid development of digitalisation and business software solutions in the fields of HR, payroll, accounting, taxation and other business administration tasks offers immense opportunities.

Extracting, recording, categorising, registering and processing data as well as preparing and submitting the different types of reports and returns all require significant HR capacities depending on how current the applied systems are. Company managers naturally expect these tasks to be performed with the utmost in reliability (smallest risk of error), and in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

International background, experience

Associates of our IT / Business Automation line cooperate closely with the German firm WTS ITAX GmbH, which offers both proprietary and external software solutions for its clients to tackle complex tasks requiring not only comprehensive taxation expertise but also significant IT skills.

Our group has been supporting the accounting and taxation managers of multinational companies for more than 20 years. Our colleagues understand the challenges company managers face when ensuring compliance with legal regulations and implementing digital systems with the utmost efficiency. Our experienced professionals can assist you in the areas of taxation, process planning and IT solutions to harmonise diverse needs and design digital systems granting you an advantage over your competitors. If you feel your systems could operate more effectively, we can help you find the weak points, recommend directions of development, solve the necessary digital implementations and even support their operation as well.

In our IT / Business Automation line we offer our clients the following services among others:

Our professionals, who have extensive experience in both developing digital solutions and in business administration, are happy to help our clients by providing the most up-to-date, professional and comprehensible answers to their questions.

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