These days, in our fast-paced world and with the current rate of legislation, it is vital that we keep our clients up-to-date with changes. To do so, we publish articles every week about the latest legislative provisions in Hungary and in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We send out these articles as WTS Klient News from July 2019 every two weeks to our readers, and publish our articles on Hungarian topics in PDF format – also from July 2019 – every two months as WTS Klient Newsletter.

Our quarterly professional publication Tax Bridge is the longest standing publication we have been releasing for more than 15 years. In order to place stronger emphasis on regional tax problems in Central and Eastern Europe, from 2018 we have renewed and refreshed not only the content but also the format of our publication. Entitled WTS CEE Tax Bridge it doubles up as our Central and Eastern European Newsletter. We address a specific issue every quarter which will be examined from the viewpoint of different countries in the CEE region.

As the Hungarian affiliate of WTS Global we consider it an important task as well to provide information to foreign companies on the most important conditions for doing business in Hungary and on investment opportunities here. Our booklet entitled Tax and Investment Facts, published yearly in English, provides foreign investors interested in Hungary with a comprehensive picture of the country’s economic characteristics, and outlines the most important accounting and tax regulations. The Tax Fact Booklet replaced in 2016 our annually published summary called Doing Business in Hungary. Thanks to this change and renewal the taxation and investment conditions are now easily comparable with those of other countries as the publication is prepared according to the same standards in all WTS Global partner countries including the Central Eastern European Region.

In our news, published as Newsflash, we contact our partners and those interested to keep everyone up-to-date on accounting and taxation issues as well as the latest changes in jurisdiction.

In the video column entitled WTS Klient Minutes our experts explain different topics in short, one-minute videos. From June 2017 the videos are available with English subtitles as well.

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