Integrated management system

One of the keys to our success is the organised nature of how we work. Our integrated management system certified according to EN ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 is designed to further this endeavour, and is continuously and purposefully developed in accordance with changing internal and external requirements.

The management of WTS Klient is committed to an operating system that makes the security of information assets constituting value for the company part of our everyday working life. To fully comply with the information security requirements of our clients and with relevant rules and regulations, we define our security measures in line with the above standards under a quality management and information security system.

The professional approach of our colleagues and the methodical nature of our activities all serve one purpose: assisting clients of WTS Klient to the highest standard possible. We measure the satisfaction of our clients as a key quality component of our operations, and record this in our integrated management system to use this data to reach our strategic goals.


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