Payroll is an area of financial and business services that requires a greater degree of precision than most other areas. Although determining employees’ net wages on the basis of their gross earnings may appear a simple task at first sight, there are many factors that influence the calculation (secondment, bonuses, overtime, limits on the payment of social contributions, etc.).

At the same time, any error arising may affect the most sensitive issue, employees’ net wages. For this reason, the WTS Klient Hungary endeavours to ensure that its work in this area is carried out as accurately as possible with the help of the most widely recognised domestic payroll accounting software and working procedures that are subject to repeated controls.

Our payroll services include the following activities:
  • monthly payroll accounting for our clients’ employees
  • preparation of monthly aggregate payroll sheets and other statistics
  • bank transfer of net salaries and social contributions
  • preparation of monthly returns related to tax and other contributions and submitting these in electronic form
  • preparation of annual statistics

As elsewhere, the support of other departments is essential to the performance of the payroll services. To ensure clients receive an accurate service, our payroll staff continuously consult with our legal office on matters of labour law, and with our team of tax experts on issues of personal income tax, social security and other contributions.

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