Financial & accounting advisory

The finance department is the hub and focal point of any business, and with good reason. Firstly, it is where the foundation is laid for a healthy and successful financial policy. Secondly, an effective finance system quickly provides detailed information on the current state of the business, and gives its management an important basis for making strategic and operational decisions.

WTS Klient can assist through its comprehensive portfolio of financial & accounting advisory services in the sphere of classic CFO functions. We can support you in any changes that concern your finance department – whether in setting up or optimising your planning and controlling system, setting up or optimising reporting processes, or implementing changes in accounting. We also provide guidance on changes in your business where the involvement of the finance department is important. In particular, this concerns accounting and valuation matters as part of business transactions, in carve-outs or post-merger integration projects. At the same time, we can provide advice on process management and can structure financial processes more efficiently, which not only reduces costs but also minimises existing risks and increases validity and speed.

Our financial & accounting advisory services include:
  • company valuations
  • financial and accounting due diligences
  • preparation of financial statements under international accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • accounting supervision when switching to bookkeeping in different currencies
  • taking on chief financial and accounting officer roles on a temporary basis
  • accounting supervision of integrated enterprise management systems
  • advisory services on the accounting administration for securing Hungarian and EU aid
  • professional supervision when constructing accounting and controlling systems

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