Assignments to Europe 2021

In times of globalisation, the importance of international employee deployment is growing. As a global company, you are therefore faced with the ever increasing complexity of managing your expatriates’ cross-border taxation, social security, legal and immigration-related matters. The legal regulations in these fields are not only subject to constant change but they are also becoming more and more complex when applied in different jurisdictions at the same time. Incorrect decisions can be both difficult and costly to rectify.

WTS Global can help you to identify cross-border work related risks at an early stage and optimize tax and social security payments for you and your employees while keeping the administrative burden to a minimum. Our expertise helps you to strategically plan and manage your intercompany assignment cost and compliance. The specialists at Global Expatriate Services of WTS Global guide you smoothly through the planning, structuring and implementation of any cross-border work (e.g. assignments, remote work, foreign local hires). The international network of WTS Global can assist you in more than 100 locations worldwide. We provide local expertise from international professionals wherever you are.

This booklet offers you a brief overview of tax, social security and immigration related matters you might consider for your cross-border work to and within Europe.

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