Reclaiming VAT paid abroad – September 30 deadline is approaching

Hungarian taxpayers are entitled to reclaim value added tax paid in other Member States of the EU. The deadline for submitting claim forms in relation to the 2014 tax year is 30 September 2015. This deadline constitutes a limitation period and so the tax authority will automatically reject any requests received after the above date.

Exercising the right to a tax reclaim is subject to the request comprising all of the prescribed data in full. Requests submitted with all the required data and in compliance with all statutory provisions are forwarded by the tax authority to the competent tax authority in the given Member State where the tax was paid. Reclaims can also be made for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but in these cases the request forms must be submitted straight to the foreign tax authority in question, not in Hungary.

With the deadline looming and in view of the strict requirements on data content we recommend submitting any reclaim requests as quickly as possible.

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