Business gate registration for companies registered in the company register

Business gate registration for companies registered in the company register

As we have already reported, based on Act CCXXII of 2015 on the General Rules of Electronic Administration and Trust Services (E-Administration Act) business organisations, particularly companies, must communicate electronically with the state from 1 January 2018. The government ensures that documents can be sent and received from and to the official contact point required for this through the business gate.

Business gate registration and reporting by 30 August 2017

Business organisations included in the company register must register their contact details used for electronic communication (business gate) at the register for administration orders (hereinafter referred to as: E-Administration Register) or at the court of registration by 30 August 2017.

The online registration site is available at the following addresses (currently only in Hungarian):

Business gate registration in four steps
1. Identification

A business organisation can register on the business gate via a duly authorised natural person or their authorised representative based on authorisation included in a public or private document with full probative force, where the person in question is identified through the Central Identification Agent system by means of a government-portal or a partially coded telephone identification process.

2. Acceptance of general contractual terms and selection of company form

After a successful identification, we must select that we intend to perform the registration as a “business organisation included in the company register”. Then the general contractual terms and conditions have to be accepted (by ticking the appropriate box).

3. Specification of person authorised to use business gate and making statement for E-Administration Register

To launch the business gate registration, we have to specify whether the legal representative is authorised to represent the business organisation independently or jointly with others (by ticking the appropriate box).

For independent representation (“I am authorised by law to represent the business organisation”), approval must be given for the individual tax identification number to be used during the business gate registration procedure for the purposes of checking the right of representation (by ticking the appropriate box). Then the tax number of the business organisation has to be entered along with the e-mail address.

For joint representation (and registration based on authorisation), the particulars of the natural person performing the registration, the data of the company (here it is worth having the certificate of incorporation to hand), the ID and contact details of the representative (currently two company representatives can be registered) have to be entered into a form. Additionally, all certified documents (certificate of incorporation, specimen signature, authorisation etc.) that are necessary for checking the right of representation have to be uploaded. In the case of joint representation, the business gate registration is suspended upon the registration by the first representative, and becomes final only after the approval of the second company representative.

The particulars of the person authorised to use the business gate must be given in each case. The person authorised to use the business gate will be authorised to manage the business gate and handle any administration (create administrator, delete administrator, storage usage, document management). One business organisation can only have one business gate, while each business gate can only have one main authorised person assigned to it.

We recommend that you do not remove the tick from the “I approve the notification of the future business gate address to the E-Administration Register” box since this means the notification will take place automatically with the business gate registration.

4. Completion of business gate registration and downloading of electronically certified confirmation

By clicking on the registration button, the application contacts the relevant certified public registers and carries out checks. If the registration is successful, the system sends out certified confirmation electronically, and it is recommended to download this prior to logging out.

If a business organisation does not fulfil the above obligation, then after 1 January 2018 the body in charge of electronic administration shall initiate a regulatory supervision procedure or an official inspection.

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