World Tax 2019 and World TP 2019 rankings are out

WTS Klient Hungary receives excellent ratings in both publications


According to World Tax 2019, which ranks more than 1,850 tax consultancy firms in the world, WTS Klient Hungary is in the “Tier 2” category, signifying an excellent rating. The firm also fares well in the World TP 2019 publication too, which presents transfer pricing advisory firms.

A new website, even more companies than before, and more detailed rankings: all this is provided by World Tax 2019. In collaboration with the world’s most prominent journal for the profession, the International Tax Review, the people behind the rankings surveyed more than 5,500 clients and 2,500 tax professionals this year, to find out who are the best and most efficient tax consultancy firms in 2019 in the various countries. This year the survey covered law offices and other advisory groups dealing with taxation too.

Sixteen companies from Hungary appear in the World Tax 2019 list, and WTS Klient Hungary can be found in the “Tier 2” category along with three law firms, and so carries a rating of “excellent”.

Aside from companies, the ranking also includes the best tax consultancy professionals too: tax consultancy partner of WTS Klient Hungary Tamás Gyányi is considered “Highly Regarded”. Tamás was also included among the leading experts for indirect taxes in the Indirect Tax Leaders publication of the International Tax Review.

Alongside the World Tax 2019 there is the World TP 2019 ranking too, available both online and in print, which ranks firms engaged in transfer pricing consulting. On this list, WTS Klient Hungary is again found in the “Tier 2” category with a rating of excellent.