Software robots

Ever-evolving intelligence and expanding areas of application

software robots

Software robots are revolutionary developments. Blending information technology and artificial intelligence they have been developed to automate and optimise various activities and processes. These robots can perform human tasks on servers or user machines thanks to their ability to be programmed and configured, and they work quickly, efficiently and reliably. Their fields of application are wide-ranging: from administration to healthcare, from finance to manufacturing.

Software robots in the business world

In business, software robots exert a significant impact on efficiency and costs. Robots can perform repetitive and routine tasks – such as entering data or processing documents – much faster and more accurately than human workers. Meanwhile, the intelligence of software robots is constantly evolving. Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms enable them to adapt to new situations and circumstances. This allows them to efficiently perform tasks other than basic programming, which contributes to the flexibility and scalability of the system.

Using software robots not only reduces the potential for error, it also frees up human resources to focus on higher-level tasks that require creativity and critical thinking. As previously mentioned in an interview by Zoltán Lambert of WTS Klient Hungary with the Hungarian online financial journal Portfolio (available in Hungarian here), automation will reduce the need for junior employees who used to handle data entry. At the same time, the senior staff will be given an expanded role and analytical function in the business world of the future. The basic work will involve transferring databases between systems, and the jobs that were previously linked to data recording will be transformed into business informatics.


However, the introduction and use of software robots can be challenging. In addition to staff having to learn new skills and adapt to change during the transition, data security and privacy are also important considerations, as robots can work with sensitive information from companies.

Software robots are ultimately reshaping the future of work. While some worry about job losses, others see new opportunities in human-robot collaboration. The key is to properly manage and integrate this new technology into our daily lives and the business environment, so that we can harness its potential for efficiency and innovation.

The Business Automation division of WTS Klient pays great attention to understanding and applying new technologies. Since the use of software robots in our field is becoming more and more prominent, the trends and opportunities in this area deserve special attention. As with all innovations, we first test these systems on our internal processes and then share our experience with interested clients.

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