Tax reviews and compliance works

Hungarian corporate tax (9%) and local business tax (2%) differ not only in terms of their rate, but also in how their tax base is determined. Alongside the two most important types of direct tax, we also encounter various taxes during our work that taxpayers do not devote enough attention to (be it a special tax for a given industry, or advertising tax, or the environmental product fee that many companies disregard). During a comprehensive tax inspection closing a fiscal period it can easily happen that the NAV identifies tax types where the taxpayer failed to fulfil its tax payment or tax return obligations at all, or only to a certain extent. In this case it is not only the tax penalty that looms over the taxpayer, but also the default penalty, which can be imposed on various grounds and can be quite significant.

What do the main tax reviews involve?

Our employees gladly help companies identify all their payable taxes, and we define exactly which tax return and reporting obligations may be associated with the given types of tax. During our work we meet excellent specialists and financial managers, who are able to identify the tax liabilities facing their companies by themselves, and who also have the knowledge required to determine the tax payable.

Industry specialists, previous experience

In the course of tax reviews, inspections and oversight inspections our colleagues take industry features into account along with experience gained at other taxpayers, they pay attention to the smallest of details, and highlight the tax reduction possibilities for the given tax type as provided by law. If need be we can prepare all your returns and related records.

Key services related to tax reviews and compliance work:
  • checking corporate tax calculations and the filling out of corporate tax returns, as well as completing calculations and returns
  • checking local business tax calculations and the filling out of local business tax returns, as well as completing calculations and returns
  • tax reviews paying attention to factors adjusting the tax base for the given tax type or special correction factors
  • checking calculations of environmental product fees, reviewing records
  • reviews of advertising tax liabilities
  • consulting and compliance work on individual tax types

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