WTS Germany is top employer

WTS Germany is top employer

WTS Germany has been awarded the TOP JOB 2017 prize for their unique company culture and environment, which proves that they are among the best employers in the country. Wolfgang Clement, former Minister for Economic Affairs and also one of the initiators of the award presented the prize to the consultancy firm in Berlin.

“Winning the TOP JOB 2017 Award demonstrates the dynamic development and very positive changes that WTS has gone through in the last 15 years and more” – said Fritz Esterer, Chief Executive Officer of WTS, on the award. “Since its establishment in 2000, WTS has produced relentless growth. The key to our success is the know-how and dedication of our staff, for whom we always want to provide excellent working conditions.”

The independent scientific evaluation of employers was carried out based on an employee satisfaction survey and an HR questionnaire, with the following categories: “leadership and vision”, “motivation and dynamism”, “culture and communication”, “employee development and prospects”, “family focus and demographics”, and “internal entrepreneurial approach”.

WTS achieved an excellent result in the “leadership” category: those participating in the survey rated the clear and unambiguous communication of the company’s vision and the firm’s support in achieving personal objectives as “above-average”. In addition, the company received excellent feedback on further training opportunities, family-friendly approach and the entrepreneurial freedom afforded to staff.

“A staff satisfaction survey is a good tool for measuring the mood within a company. We can now build on these positive results, and strive to meet the continuous demand for further improvements. This will bring us closer to our objective of becoming one of Germany’s most appealing employers in the consulting industry on a sustained basis” – concluded Fritz Esterer.


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