WTS Global creates cutting-edge European Tax Law Centre in Brussels

WTS Global, the leading global tax practice, establishes its cutting-edge European Tax Lax Centre in Brussels under the leadership of Tiberghien.


WTS Global has launched its European Tax Law Centre (ETLC) in Brussels which, under the leadership of its Belgium member firm Tiberghien, will act as the cutting-edge European tax advisory centre for international WTS clients. The ETLC will be headed by Koen Morbée, Tax Partner at Tiberghien, and will consist of further highly renowned EU Law experts from amidst WTS Global member firms across Europe.

The continuous substantial changes in EU (tax) law combined with an active European Court of Justice (ECJ) which has ruled in more than 300 corporate tax cases since Avoir Fiscal, gave rise to setting up an integrated European team consisting of highly experienced European tax law practitioners with a proven track record.

The ETLC group will be fully dedicated in supporting our WTS member firms as well as identifying opportunities and risks for our clients. The group will pro-actively inform and filter the most relevant EU court decisions, provide background information and interpretations on EU developments and give clear direction and guidance on how these developments will affect the business of our clients’.

The ETLC shall cover:

– EU (case) law and legislation on corporate and individual income tax
– State aid and tax law
– Protection of fundamental rights
– VAT & Customs

“By setting up the ETLC, we will help navigate our clients through the complex European tax law developments and continue on our path to build a leading global tax practice, whereby the bundling of our expertise plays an indispensable part. I am fully convinced that with this group of senior European tax lawyers who spearhead the ETLC, WTS Global is paving the way towards being the dominant player in Brussels on anything related to European tax developments.”
Wim Wuyts, CEO WTS Global

“The objective of this highly specialized nucleus of experts who are all very well connected with external stakeholders in Brussels is to provide new insights and clear viewpoints to the benefit of our international clients doing business in Europe.”
Koen Morbée, Partner Tiberghien and Head of the WTS Global ETLC

Koen Morbeé who also holds a professorship on EU Tax Law at the Brussels Tax College will be talking about the latest EU tax developments at the 67th TEI midyear conference in Washington taking place on March 27, 2018.

You can download the press release in PDF format here:
WTS Press Release 01.03.2018 – WTS Global creates European Tax Law Centre (PDF)

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