2018. augusztus 28.

Establishing a company in Central and Eastern Europe

The 2018 summer issue of WTS CEE Tax Bridge has been published. It summarizes the most important regulations of establishing a company in 13 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe Region: Austria, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Investors often face the problem of which kind of legal solution to choose when they want to start a business activity in a new market. In our latest Tax Bridge we try to explain what the main types of legal entity are for companies or private persons to conduct their business, and what the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms are, mostly from a legal point of view. It is probably particular to CEE that foreign companies also have to set up a legal entity for businesses that would not entail any legal steps from a tax point of view in other countries of the world (like permanent establishments, etc.) Therefore, we focus on the regulations of the legal types of entities, especially on establishing a limited liability company (LLC), in order to be able to compare the regulations in the various countries.

Costs, documents, steps of establishing a company

We deal with questions like what the minimum registered share capital is for an LLC, can this share capital be paid as a cash contribution only, or maybe also as an in-kind contribution (e.g. IP rights, receivables, real properties, etc.), what are the main characteristics for a shareholders’ meeting, what is the role of a managing director or of the supervisory board, etc. We also try to describe the steps for establishing a company and compare the costs of the set-up procedure in every single country.

We hope that after reading and comparing the most important regulations for establishing a company in our region you will be able to choose the right decision in every country. We are certainly more than happy to help you with our professional regional staff should you have any related questions or remarks.

You can download WTS CEE Tax Bridge #2/2018 in PDF format here:

establishing a company

WTS CEE Tax Bridge #2/2018 (PDF)

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