New withholding tax collection mechanism in Poland

The Ministry of Finance in Poland has recently published the Draft Act to amend the Corporate Income Tax Act (CIT), the Personal Income Tax Act (PIT), the Tax Management Act and certain other acts. The proposed law introduces fundamental changes to the...


SAR, the Russian alternative to “offshores”

In August 2018, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a package of laws designed to create "offshore" zones on Russian territory. Under these laws, special administrative regions (hereinafter SAR) were created in Kaliningrad (Oktyabrsky Island)...


2019 tax package for the Czech Republic

In June 2018 the Government of the Czech Republic adopted a set of tax amendments traditionally referred to as the 2019 tax package for the Czech Republic. This tax package, containing, in particular, amendments to the Income Tax Act, the Value Added Tax...


WTS Global

A WTS Global adózás, valamint jogi és számviteli tanácsadás területén működő tanácsadó cégek dinamikusan fejlődő nemzetközi hálózata.